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Basler ace 2 5GigE#

Basler ace 2 5GigE cameras offer a Gigabit Ethernet interface and comply with the GigE Vision standard.

5GigE cameras provide five times the bandwidth of normal GigE cameras. Given the same resolution, they can thus achieve five times the frame rate. 5GigE is the right choice for transfer rates up to 600 MB/s and a maximum cable length of 100 meters using regular Gigabit Ethernet cabling. It also makes complex setups with several cameras simple.

To achieve the full speed, a 5GigE or 10GigE interface card is required.

All Basler ace 2 5GigE cameras offer separate input/output ports for triggered image acquisition or flash control.

Basler ace 2 5GigE Camera

The Basler ace 2 5GigE camera is available with several resolutions and speeds and with sensors from leading manufacturers.