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Basler Cable CXP, Micro-BNC x2 (HD-BNC), P#

CXP cable for data transmission with 2 Micro-BNC connectors for Basler boost CXP-12 cameras.

Cable CXP, Micro-BNC x2 (HD-BNC)


The cable is suitable for the following camera models:

  • boost
Order Number Cable Length
2200000322 10 m

Cable Drawing#

Cable Drawing

Physical Specifications#

Camera-Side Connector Micro-BNC (HD-BNC)
Host-Side Connector Micro-BNC (HD-BNC)
Cable Diameter 8.1 mm
Cable Cross-Section 6 × 0.25 mm² (near 6 × AWG 24)
Cable Shielding Tinned braided copper
Outer Jacket PUR, black, halogen-free
Minimum Bending Radius 77 mm
Suitable for Drag Chain Applications No
Suitable for Robotics Applications No

Connector Specifications#

Type Micro-BNC (HD-BNC)
Maximum Attenuation -17.0 dB at 6.250 GHz (12.5 Gbps)

Electrical Specifications#

Maximum Operating Voltage 30 VDC AC/DC
Maximum Rated Current 1 A
Characteristic Impedance 75 ±4 Ω
Maximum DC Roundtrip Resistance 4.98 Ω
Frequency 0–6.25 GHz (12.5 Gbps)

Transmission Specifications#

Return Loss -20 dB @ 0–500 MHz
-15 dB @ 500 MHz–6.25 GHz

Environmental Specifications#

Operating Temperature -30—60 °C (-22–140 °F)

Plug Specifications#

Contact Plating NiAU
Protection Rating IP67 in locked position

General Information#

Conformity CE (includes RoHS)
Certificates for your cable
For more information, see the Compliance section of the Basler website.
Warranty 3 years

Read the topic about your camera model before connecting the cable to the camera. You can find your camera topic in the Area Scan Cameras section under "Models".

The installation is explained in the Hardware Installation (CXP-12 Cameras) topic.