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Contacting Basler#

Do you have questions about Basler products? Find out how to get in touch with Basler.

Basler Sales#

Basler maintains a worldwide network of subsidiaries, offices, and distributors to ensure that customers always have a knowledgeable contact person in their area.

Basler Support#

Do you need more technical information regarding your camera? Do you have questions about software, suitable lenses, or cables? Or about a camera that can't be put into operation or does not operate as expected? Or do you want to consult with camera technology experts before purchasing a camera?

Click here to contact the experts on the Basler technical support team.

Return Material Authorization#

If you need to return an item to Basler for any reason, you must request a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number before sending the item back. The RMA number must be stated in your delivery documents when you ship the item to Basler. Be aware that if you return an item without an RMA number, Basler reserves the right to reject the return.

Click here to start your RMA request.