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Daylight Robustness#

This topic describes the daylight robustness measurement of the Basler blaze-101 camera.

The daylight robustness was measured under the following conditions:

  • Flat, white target with 90 % reflectivity
  • Target illuminated by 940 nm LED
  • 6 m distance between target and camera
  • Exposure time of 250 µs

Measurement Setup#

The camera was pointed directly to a flat, white target at a distance of 6 m. To simulate ambient light, the target was illuminated by an additional light using the same wavelength as the camera. The irradiance on the target was increased up to the point where the camera still delivers usable images without overexposure. The irradiance was measured and the increase in noise was determined based on the camera images.

Robustness Test Measurement Setup

Measurement Results#

The camera still delivered usable images at an ambient irradiance of 12.8 W/m² for ambient light sources between 920–970 nm. The image noise increased by a factor of 7.