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Adaptive Tone Mapping#

The Adaptive Tone Mapping camera feature allows you to enable or disable the adaptive tone mapping performed by the image sensor.

Using the Feature#

To configure adaptive tone mapping, set the BslAdaptiveToneMappingMode parameter to one of the following values:

  • Auto: Enables automatic adaptive tone mapping.
  • Off: Disables adaptive tone mapping. This can be useful, e.g., if the camera's automatic adjustments produce images that are too bright or too dark.

Sample Code#

// Disable adaptive tone mapping
INodeMap& nodemap = camera.GetNodeMap();
// Disable adaptive tone mapping
CEnumParameter(nodemap, "BslAdaptiveToneMappingMode").SetValue("Off");
/* Macro to check for errors */
#define CHECK(errc) if (GENAPI_E_OK != errc) printErrorAndExit(errc)
GENAPIC_RESULT errRes = GENAPI_E_OK;  /* Return value of pylon methods */
/* Disable adaptive tone mapping */
errRes = PylonDeviceFeatureFromString(hdev, "BslAdaptiveToneMappingMode", "Off");