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The daA2500-60mc-SD820-DB8 Embedded Vision Kit helps you to integrate a Basler dart BCON for MIPI camera module into an embedded vision system.

The kit contains a dart camera module, a processing board based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon SD820E SoC, and accessories. With these components you can build a test environment in which you can evaluate the camera module and plan how to integrate it into your embedded vision system.


Kit Contents#

The kit contains the following components:

  • Basler dart daA2500-60mc camera module, S-mount
  • Evetar lens N118B05518W F1.8 f5.5 mm 1/1.8"
  • Developer Board 8 processing board
  • Basler BCON for MIPI mezzanine board, pre-mounted on the processing board
  • Flexible flat cable, 0.2 m
  • USB 2.0 cable: A / Micro B, 1.8 m
  • HDMI 2.0 cable: A / A, 1.5 m
  • GigE cable: Cat 5e, 2.0 m
  • Power supply: 18 W, 12 V @ 1.5 A, plug adapters included (United States, Canada, Japan (NEMA 1-15P config.), Europe (CEE 7/16 configuration))
  • Mounting kit (includes camera mounting plate, spacer bolts, screws, and nuts)
  • Basler dart Getting Started Guide
  • daA2500-60mc-SD820-DB8 - Quick Install Guide

Overview of the Components#

daA2500-60mc-SD820-DB8 Overview

Hardware Installation#

For help with the hardware installation, refer to the daA2500-60mc-SD820-DB8 Quick Install Guide. The guide is included in this kit.

For more information about the processing board, download the Developer Board 8 Hardware User Guide.

Software Update#

To update the software on the processing board:

  1. Download and extract the latest Basler dart BCON MIPI SD820 DB8 image file from the Basler website.
  2. Open the readme.txt file.
    The file contains further instructions on how to update the software.

Block Diagram of the Mezzanine Board#

Block Diagram of the Mezzanine Board