fg_struct.h File Reference

fg_struct.h File Reference

struct declarations. More...

#include <stdint.h>
#include "fg_define.h"
#include "fg_error_codes.h"

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Data Structures

struct  fg_event_info
struct  FgApcControl
struct  FieldParameterAccess
struct  FieldParameterDouble_s
struct  FieldParameterInt_s
struct  KneeLookupTable_s
struct  LineShadingParameter_s
struct  LookupTable_s
struct  ShadingParameter_s




typedef struct Fg_Struct_s Fg_Struct
 The structure for a framegrabber.
typedef struct FgApcControl FgApcControl
typedef struct FieldParameterAccess FieldParameterAccess
typedef struct FieldParameterDouble_s FieldParameterDouble
typedef struct FieldParameterInt_s FieldParameterInt
typedef struct KneeLookupTable_s KneeLookupTable
typedef struct LineShadingParameter_s LineShadingParameter
typedef struct LookupTable_s LookupTable
typedef struct ShadingParameter_s ShadingParameter

Detailed Description

struct declarations.


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Macro Definition Documentation


#define FGLIB_PTRALIGN ( x)

Typedef Documentation

◆ Fg_Struct

The structure for a framegrabber.

This struct is used as a handle to the currently opened board and design.

◆ FgApcControl

typedef struct FgApcControl FgApcControl

◆ FieldParameterAccess

typedef struct FieldParameterAccess FieldParameterAccess

◆ FieldParameterDouble

◆ FieldParameterInt

◆ KneeLookupTable

◆ LineShadingParameter

◆ LookupTable

typedef struct LookupTable_s LookupTable

◆ ShadingParameter