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About EMVA1288 Reports for Color Sensors#

The EMVA1288 standard allows comparing cameras between manufacturers. It is mainly used to characterize monochrome cameras.

However, the standard does also define a process to measure the performance of color cameras.

Basler doesn't provide any EMVA1288 data for color cameras, due to the current lack of a standard-compliant measurement method.

There is a method to determine the approximate quantum efficiency (QE) of the color channels. This is based on the following data:

  • The spectral response from the monochrome sensor data sheet
  • The IR cut filter transmittance

Basically, it can be said that the QE of the monochrome camera (measured at λ = 541 nm or 545 nm) weighed by the IR cut filter's transmittance corresponds to the QE of the color camera at the same wavelength.

The red and blue wavelength range can then be scaled using this measured value.

Example: acA4112-30uc

  • QE = 70 % at λ = 545 nm
  • Minimum average IR cut filter transmittance at λ = 545 nm: 93 %

Estimated QE for the green channel at 545 nm: 70 % x 93 % = 65.1 %.

From this, the estimated QE curves for the three channels can be derived, based on the spectral response of the color camera.

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