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Angle of View Calculation in the Basler Lens Selector#

There are several methods to calculate the angle of view of a camera/lens combination, for example:

Method 1: Based on the working distance and the object size:

Formula Method 1

Method 2: Based on the lens' focal length and the sensor size:

Formula Method 2

The results of these calculations may slightly differ.

The Basler Lens Selector calculates the angle of view with Method 2.

Example: Assume we use a IMX540 camera (a2A-5328) with a 25 mm lens:

IMX540 Camera Specifications

Using Method 2, we calculate:

Calculation Using Method 2

And this is exactly what we get in the lens selector:

Lens Selector 1

If we consider a working distance of 710 mm, the calculator indicates that a focal length of 25 mm will allow viewing an area of 400 mm x 345 mm.

Lens Selector 2

However, using Method 1, the angles of view are:

Calculation 1 Using Method 2

Calculation 2 Using Method 2

You can see that the results are slightly different.

The lens selector tool calculates the angle of view based on the focal length and the sensor size.

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