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Applying More Than 5 VDC to General Purpose I/O Lines#

When configured for input, the GPIO lines of the ace or ace 2 should't be used with a 12 VDC or 24 VDC signal voltage.

The camera documentation defines 0–5 VDC as the safe operating range for the GPIO.


For more information, see your camera model topic. You can find your camera topic in the Area Scan Cameras section under "Models".

5 VDC is the maximum value for a continuous operation.

Higher voltages have not been tested and are not intended for GPIO use. They may lead to unstable electrical behavior or strongly reduce the GPIO circuitry's lifetime.

The 30 VDC stated in the documentation is the absolute maximum voltage. Beyond this point, components will be destroyed, short circuits will occur, and the camera board will be damaged.

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