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Certificate of Compliance vs Declaration of Conformity#

You may expect a "Certificate of Compliance" (CoC) to be shipped with the camera, or request such a document from Basler.

This document doesn't normally apply to Basler's products, and it is not the same as a "Declaration of Conformity" (DoC). Usually, the invoice delivered with the camera should suffice as a CoC.


A "Declaration of Conformity" (DoC) is a document which states to which standards a design conforms to. For example, when talking of EMC topics, our "CE Declaration of Conformity" states that our camera design conforms to the CE standards listed in the DoC.

A "Certificate of Compliance" (CoC) is a document which confirms that the parts you received meet the specifications submitted at the time of ordering.

CoC's are common when ordering custom-machined parts, like pipes, wires, etc. In this area, the vendor offers the customer several options when ordering (length, materials, etc.), and the vendor may prove via a CoC that the specifications have been met.

However, Basler usually doesn't offer these options when ordering standard products. Therefore, the only "specification" regarding the order is the part number of the camera. Because the invoice in the shipment states the part number, the invoice may serve to confirm that the shipment meets the specifications.

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