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CPU Load When Using the pylon Filter Driver#

Years ago, the CPU load used to be significantly higher when using the pylon filter driver compared to the pylon performance driver. But that was in times of dual-core CPUs.

In times of i7 CPUs with hyper-threading support, the pylon filter driver performs nearly as well as the pylon performance driver. The difference between the two is nearly irrelevant nowadays.

Because of this, Basler doesn't see any demand for a 10GigE performance driver.

The following measurement was done using following components:

Computer: Dell Desktop PC Optiplex 7010 NIC: Intel X540 (10GigE) Network Switch: s3300-28x Packet size on camera: 3000

As shown in the screenshot, parallel image acquisition with 10 cameras using filter driver consumes only 12% of i7 CPU load.

Parallel Use of Cameras Using Filter Driver

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