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Delayed Picture Stream When Using a GigE Camera Under NI LabVIEW IMAQdx#

If you are using a GigE camera under LabVIEW IMAQdx, you may observe that some GVSP packets are delayed during image streaming. The corresponding images arrive much later in LabView than usual.

The NI IMAQdx driver seems to search for GigE cameras by periodically sending discovery pings (DISCOVERY_CMD) to, about every second.

Disabling these commands helps to get a smooth image streaming.

You can disable the automatic discovery mechanism with the following registry key. If the key is not present, add it:


This only switches off the automatic discovery mechanism. Manual camera enumeration is not affected by this registry key.

You may also want to turn off this mechanism if you don't use a GigE Vision camera at all.

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