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Differences between dart, dart R, and ace 2#

Several years ago, Basler started extending the dart series with Sony IMX sensors.

This article describes the differences between the dart and the dart with IMX sensors. Furthermore, it points out some aspects that differentiate the new dart models from the ace 2, even if both camera series have some sensors in common.

Differences between dart and dart R#

There are some differences between the first dart cameras and the dart with IMX sensors, even if the name dart covers the whole family.

The firmware used in dart with IMX sensors is similar to the firmware used in ace 2 and Basler boost cameras. This is not the case for the first dart models that are similar to the ace firmware.

Some key differences:

  • The dart with IMX sensors are not USB 2.0 backward compatible, whereas previous dart models are.
  • The dart with IMX sensors have some additional features, such as chunks and events.

For a complete list of changes, see the features check list.

Furthermore, the first dart mounting cover (order number 2200000164 - not available anymore) isn't compatible with the dart with IMX sensors. An updated version of the mounting cover is already available under order number 2200000959.

The dart I/O board (order number 106896 or 106897) is also not compatible with the dart with IMX sensors. A revised version of the I/O board compatible with the dart with IMX sensor models is in review and will be released in the future.

Differences between dart R and ace 2#

The IMX392 (2.3 MP global shutter) and the IMX334 (8 MP rolling shutter) sensors are used in both the Basler ace 2 and the dart with IMX sensor cameras. However, Basler ace 2 BAS cameras have some advantages:

  • The dart with IMX sensor is only available with a USB interface, whereas ace 2 cameras offer a GigE interface as well.
  • The dart with IMX sensor doesn't have a frame buffers - this may be an issue for the stability of demanding applications.
  • The dart with IMX sensor doesn't have a housing. The housing offers additional mechanical protection and a better EMI protection for the ace 2.
  • Some standard ace 2 features are not available on the dart, and the other way around.

Furthermore, the ace 2 series offers further features with the PRO camera series, such as Compression Beyond and Pixel Beyond.

If these limitations aren't an issue, then you may prefer the new dart models with IMX sensor over ace 2 BAS cameras.

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