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Error Messages: "Cannot Open TIFF File for Writing" / "Cannot Create AVI File"#


When attempting to record a sequence of images, you get the following error message:

Cannot open TIFF file for writing: C:\Users\(...)\Basler_(...).tiff : RuntimeException thrown (file 'tifffile.cpp', line 92)

When attempting to record an AVI video, you get the following error message:

Cannot create AVI file 'C:\Users\(...)\Basler_(...).avi' hr=-2147205009 (0x8004406f) : RuntimeException thrown (file 'aviwriterimpl.h', line 122)


You don't have write access to the target directory.


Make sure you have write permissions in the destination directory.

This may even apply to directories for which you'd normally expect write permissions, such as a subdirectory of your Desktop directory.

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