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Factors Limiting the Frame Rate of the pylon Camera Emulator#

There are no inherent limits to what frame rate can be reached using the pylon Camera Emulator. But there are some limiting factors to which frame rate can be reached on a given system:

  • The camera parameter configuration, e.g., AcquisitionFrameRate or ExposureTime
  • Displaying a test image which has to be processed by the CPU (TestImageSelector)
  • Displaying a picture (ImageFileMode = On)

For maximum performance, use the following settings in the pylon Viewer:

  • Acquisition Controls > Enable Acquisition Frame Rate disabled
  • Acquisition Controls > all three ExposureTime configurations set to their minimum (100.0 / 1.0 / 100)
  • Image Format Controls > Test Image Selector set to Test Image Off

In this configuration, we reached 9000 fps at 1 MP picture @ approx. 9 GB/s with a Dell OptiPlex 5050.


The above value (9000 fps) is only an example. You may see other results based on your setup.

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