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How To: Find Parameter Names of Camera Features#

If you're developing applications with Basler pylon, you need to know the "real" parameter names used by the pylon API instead of the display names.

The following picture taken from pylon Viewer feature tree shows an example of a display name:

pylon Viewer Features Pane

However, the "real" parameter in the pylon API is "Gain", not "Gain [db]".

There are several options to find the parameter names for a feature.

pylon Viewer#

The pylon Viewer is the most accurate way to find the parameter names for a feature. The camera needs to be connected and opened. The Features Pane shows all available camera features.

By enabling the Feature Properties and Feature Documentation pane (available under Windows in the menu bar), you can find all necessary information for a correct implementation into an application.

The Name property from the Feature Properties window shows the parameter name, which has to be used in your application. In the Feature Documentation window, the name is listed under Node Name.

pylon Viewer Overview

In contrast to features with interface types IFloat, IInteger, IBoolean, IString and ICommand, features of interface type IEnumeration expect clearly defined value names of type IEnumEntry. Those name values can be found in the Feature Properties window under Value, after selecting them in the feature tree from the specific features drop-down list.

Feature Properties

Alternatively, you can look in the Feature Documentation window in the section Possible Values for each value under Symbolic Name.

Feature Documentation

Basler Product Documentation#

Each camera feature can be found in the Features section of this documentation with a detailed explanation about its behavior. At the end of almost every feature page, there is a sample code section that includes source code snippets showing how to use the feature. Every supported by pylon available programming language should be selectable for generic and native parameter access. The parameter names can be found here.

In most cases, the section is split for different camera models, because of the GenICam SFNC version differences. However, the BPD is limited to the ace USB/GigE, ace 2 USB/GigE, MED ace, dart USB/BCON, pulse and boost CXP cameras.

pylon C++ Programmer's Guide#

The pylon C++ Programmer's Guide provides a reference for all class members of the Basler Universal Instant Camera class. The guide can be found at here.

The UniversalCameraParams class has every parameter for most cameras implemented. You can find the documentation here.

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