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How To: Find the Parameters Category in pylon .NET#

Each camera parameter has a parent category.

For example, the Width parameter is a child of the AOI Controls category.

To find the relation of a category, the function GetParameterRelation with the function parameter ParameterRelation.ParameterIsCategoryOf can be used.

The function always iterates from the parent parameter to the child parameter, not the other way around.

For example, if the Root category is called, the output will be all child categories.

The following code snippet demonstrates how to output a feature tree in pylon .NET.

IEnumerable<String> enumlst = camera.Parameters.GetParameterRelation("Root",
ParameterRelation.ParameterIsCategoryOf, true);

foreach (String e in enumlst)
   IEnumerable<String> catlst = camera.Parameters.GetParameterRelation(e,
   ParameterRelation.ParameterIsCategoryOf, true);

   foreach (String ce in catlst)
      Console.Write("   |--");

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