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How To: Record an AVI Video On Linux#

Since the Linux version of pylon doesn't include a built-in AVI class like the Windows version, here's how to create an AVI file by using third-party open-source libraries.

There are plenty of open-source solutions available on the internet, e.g.:

  • VLC Lib
  • Gstreamer
  • MakeAVI
  • Qtffmpegwrapper
  • Ffmpeg
  • OpenCV

This solution provides a pylon API sample that demonstrates how to write AVI files using OpenCV.

The sample can be built against pylon 6 or higher and writes DIVX compressed AVI files by default. In case you want to use another codec (like, e.g., MJPEG or MPEG-4 4.2), feel free to adapt code lines 80–83 and 149–151.

To make it work with pylon 5, simply modify the makefile and replace line 8 with the following:

PYLON_ROOT ?= /opt/pylon5

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