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Missing RGB 8 and BGR 8 Formats on ace GigE Classic Cameras#

Basler ace GigE Classic cameras can output different pixel formats. For example, the acA2040-25gc camera supports the following pixel formats:

  • Mono 8
  • Bayer GR 8
  • Bayer GR 12
  • Bayer GR 12 Packed
  • YUV 4:2:2 Packed
  • YUV 4:2:2 (YUYV) Packed

You see that the RGB 8 and BGR 8 pixel formats are missing. The reason for this is the limited bandwidth for GigE cameras.

Since the cameras are usually already at the limit of GigE bandwidth with 8-bit Bayer pixel formats (e.g., Bayer GR 8), the frame rate would drop significantly with debayered image formats.

With YUV (or YCbCr) formats, the cameras generally reach about 50 % of the maximum possible frame rate, whereas RGB 8 or BGR 8 would reach about 33 % of the 8-bit frame rate. For the acA2040-25gc, this corresponds to only 8 frames per second.

Therefore, Basler decided that these pixel formats (RGB 8 or BGR 8) shouldn't be supported on GigE cameras.

However, if your project does require it, it should be technically possible to add these formats via customization.

However, RGB 8 and BGR 8 formats are available on all Basler ace 2 color cameras.

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