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pylon for Linux Image Class: Supported Image Formats#

The image class of pylon for Linux currently supports TIFF and PNG formats.

If you want to save images in other formats, QT Image class seems to be a good alternative. It supports the following formats:

Format Description QT's Support
BMP Windows Bitmap Read/write
GIF Graphic Interchange Format (optional) Read
JPG Joint Photographic Experts Group Read/write
JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group Read/write
PNG Portable Network Graphics Read/write
PBM Portable Bitmap Read
PGM Portable Graymap Read
PPM Portable Pixmap Read/write
TIFF Tagged Image File Format Read/write
XBM X11 Bitmap Read/write
XPM X11 Pixmap Read/write

This sample code demonstrates the use of the pylon image and QT Image classes.

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