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Readout Time of Rolling Shutter dart Cameras Depends on the DeviceLinkThroughputLimit#

In the Electronic Shutter Types topic, it is stated that the readout time depends on the tRow time for rolling shutter cameras. The tRow time varies for each camera model and can be found in the list at the end of this topic.

However, there is no entry for Basler dart cameras with rolling shutter sensors.

Because of the lack of a frame buffer in the dart camera, the sensor rows have to be read out very carefully.

Thus, if the overall camera bandwidth is limited by the DeviceLinkThroughputLimitMode parameter (DLTL) the camera needs more time to read out each row.

Consequently, the tRow time will increase and the sensor readout time as well. The lower the value of the DeviceLinkThroughputLimit parameter, the higher the tRow time.

On dart IMX models, the sensor readout time can be determined at any time using the Sensor Readout Time feature.

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