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Troubleshooting Error Code 0xE200010B: The Image Stream Is Out of Sync#


This warning message is shown in pylon Viewer or your own application.

Also, you may notice that BlockID() is no longer sequential for subsequent images, and instead holds a constant value of UINT64T_MAX (or -1 if cast to int).


This warning indicates that the underlying image stream from the camera to the host has fallen out of synchronization.

Most likely causes are:

  • Faulty cable or host controller
  • Faulty host controller drivers
  • The usage of CancelGrab() in your code. The behavior of this call has different effects for USB cameras than for GigE cameras.


  1. Read the Programmer's Guide in the pylon API Documentation for full details, especially the section USB Camera Devices and Block ID.
  2. Check that your cables and host controllers are of good quality and preferably meet the recommendations in the following document: Maximum Bandwidth Measurements of USB 3.0 Host Controller
  3. Check the calls of CancelGrab() in your code to determine whether modifications are necessary.

Considerations When Using the Low Level API#

In the USB Camera Devices and Block ID section, the documentation mentions: "The grabbing needs to be stopped and restarted to recover from this error".

When using the Low Level API, this translates to:

(Assuming that CancelGrab() has invoked the stream reset)

  1. De-register buffers
  2. StreamGrabber->FinishGrab()
  3. StreamGrabber->Close()
  4. StreamGrabber->Open()
  5. StreamGrabber->PrepareGrab()
  6. Re-register buffers
  7. Re-queue buffers

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