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Troubleshooting Error Code 3774873620 (0xE1000014) With GigE Cameras#


The error code 3774873620 of the pylon .NET (C#) API correlates to the error code E1000014 of the pylon C++ API.

This error code stands for The buffer was incompletely grabbed and indicates that an image was incompletely grabbed due to lost or corrupted packets.


This will usually be the case if a system component, i.e. an Ethernet cable, a switch or a NIC (network adapter) does not perform well.

Grabbing an image can fail if the used network hardware, i.e. NIC, switch or Ethernet cable, experiences performance problems.


To compensate for this, you may try to increase the Inter-Packet Delay, which would cause a reduction of the required bandwidth by the camera. In turn, this will reduce the maximum frame rate, too.

It is also recommended to enable the Jumbo frames (if supported) on the NIC or the switch (if used):

  • If no Jumbo frames are supported by any of the components, make sure to set the camera parameter Packet Size to 1500.
  • Otherwise, set the camera packet size to the highest supported Jumbo frames value.

If this did not solve the problem, Basler recommends using an officially recommended Intel Pro 1000 network card in combination with Basler performance driver.

To get more information about supported Intel Pro 1000 chipsets, have a look at this Knowledge Article.

If you're using a Linux system, read the readme file located in the pylon installation directory.

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