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USB Configurator Log Files: Bandwidth of U3V Devices#

You are using a Basler USB camera and your camera appears in the USB configurator log as follows:


The field Bandwidth of U3V devices returns sometimes zero, sometimes a plausible value:


Specifically, the bandwidth value seems correct when the camera is not grabbing.

As soon as the camera is opened in pylon (and grabs), the value is zero.

The reason is that the camera needs to be opened to get the value of the corresponding GenICam register. If the camera is already opened, then this register can't be read (exclusive access) and the returned value is zero, as you can't open the device two times in parallel.

Reading the Bandwidth of U3V devices value right after opening and closing the camera will return a different value than the value you get once image acquisition has started.

As a consequence, consider this value only as an indication, and not as a reliable value.

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