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What Is the Area of Interest (AOI) Of My Camera#

Many of Basler's area scan cameras include an area of interest (AOI) feature, also called region of interest (ROI). In Basler cameras, this feature is called Image ROI.

The Image ROI camera feature lets the user specify a portion of the camera's sensor array and during operation, only the pixel information from the specified portion of the array is transmitted out of the camera.

The main advantage of the ROI feature is that decreasing the ROI height usually leads to an increased frame rate of the camera.

In other words, when you capture smaller images, you can capture more images per second. This can be very useful in an application where you need to capture smaller images at higher speeds.

Be aware that on some cameras, decreasing the ROI height may not increase the frame rate. Also, on some camera models, the frame rate will increase when both the ROI height and the ROI width are decreased.

For more information, see the Image ROI feature description.

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