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PGI Feature Set: Supported Pixel Formats and Lowered Framerate#

The PGI feature set can be only be used when using the pixel format YUV for GigE cameras or RGB/YCbCr for USB cameras. (Basler ace GigE cameras don't support RGB pixel formats due to bandwidth limitations.)

The PGI Feature Set runs within the camera's FPGA and has no influence on the camera's frame rate. If you observe a performance decrease when using the PGI Feature Set, this decrease is caused by the pixel format used (YUV/YCbCr or RGB). These pixel formats need higher bandwidth than the default formats.

YUV/YCbCr uses 16 bit per pixel and needs twice the bandwidth of the default 8-bit format. RGB even uses 24 bits per pixel, which means three times the default bandwidth.

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