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Basler's lighting portfolio includes a light controller for using third-party lights as well as lights with an integrated controller.

Basler offers a light controller that allows you to use third-party lights of your choice in your environment and to control them using the pylon software.

Using the Basler SLP Strobe Controller offers you maximum flexibility when it comes to choosing a suitable light for your system while ensuring ease-of-use at the same time. The controller can be used with a wide range of Basler camera models (ace U and ace L, USB 3.0 and GigE).

Basler also offers light devices, Basler Camera Lights, that have an integrated controller. This ensures perfect synchronization of camera and lighting. The Basler Camera Lights can also be controlled using the pylon software.

Basler SLP Strobe Controller#

Basler Camera Lights#

Basler Standard Lights#

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