Applet Protection

The Applet Protection feature is a safety mechanism. It allows you to protect applets you designed with VisualApplets from illegal use.

You may be interested in the Applet Protection feature to

  • make sure the applet(s) you have developed can only be run on the frame grabbers you are using (copy protection).
  • license your applet and sell it to your own customers.

You can purchase the applet protection feature. For details, please contact your VisualApplets distributor.

On purchase:

  • You receive your unique, individual security tag. Each tag is assigned only to one single customer. A security tag is well-defined.
  • You receive a user library element that enables you to tag your applets with your unique, individual security tag.
  • Individual frame grabbers are flashed with a license that matches your unique, individual security tag.

Tagged applets can only be run on frame grabbers holding the matching license.

A protected applet cannot be run on any frame grabber without license, or on any third party hardware.

For further information please contact your sales representative.