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Maximum Allowed Lens Intrusion (dart E)#

When mounting a lens on your Basler camera, make sure not to insert the lens any deeper than specified in this topic.

The maximum lens intrusion and the lens mount thread vary by camera model and mount variant. The values are listed below.

NOTICE – Using unsuitable lenses may damage camera components or the lens itself.

Make sure that your lens is compatible with the lens mount dimensions specified below. If you try to mount a lens with an overall lens intrusion that is larger than specified, you may damage the lens or the filter holder and the camera may not work properly anymore.

Suitable lenses are available via the Basler website.

NOTICE – S-mount cameras: Inserting the lens too deep may damage camera components.

On S-mount cameras, the lens is mounted by twisting it in and out the lens mount's thread until the desired level of focus is reached. S-mount lenses do not have a defined flange and therefore will not stop before they touch (and possibly scratch or break) camera components.


For S-mount camera models, Basler recommends attaching an O-ring (Ø11 mm x Ø1.5 mm) to the S-mount lens. This makes it easier to adjust the lens.


Camera Model Maximum Lens Intrusion Lens Mount Thread Length Mechanical Drawings
daA2500-60mc 11.7 mm 7.5 mm See here.
daA2500-60mci 11.7 mm 7.5 mm See here.
daA3840-30mc 11.7 mm 7.5 mm See here.
daA4200-30mci 11.5 mm 7.5 mm See here.