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Providing Heat Dissipation (ace, ace 2)#

You must provide sufficient heat dissipation to keep the temperature of your Basler ace 2 USB 3.0, ace USB 3.0, ace 2 5GigE, ace 2 GigE, or ace GigE camera within the specified range.

General Guidelines#

Since each installation is unique, Basler only provides the following general guidelines:

  • Mount a lens on the camera.
  • Monitor the temperature of the camera using the camera-specific temperature measurement point.
  • Provide sufficient heat dissipation. Appropriate measures include the following:
    • Mount the camera on a substantial, thermally conductive component.
    • Use a fan to provide an air flow over the camera.
    • Attach appropriate cooling elements to the camera. Basler offers a suitable heat sink that can be purchased separately.
  • If the Camera Operation Mode feature is available on your camera and if operation at a lower frame rate is acceptable, set the operation mode to Long Exposure to reduce the temperature.
  • Some cameras provide the Device Temperature feature. This feature lets you monitor the temperature of the device via the pylon API.


  • The camera will gradually become warmer during the first hour of operation. After one hour, the housing temperature should have stabilized and should no longer increase.
  • To ensure good image quality, Basler advises against operating the camera at elevated temperatures.
  • For cameras with Sony IMX and onsemi PYTHON sensors, the following application note is available: How to monitor the housing temperature of Basler ace cameras

Temperature Measurement Point (ace and ace 2 Cameras)#

Housing Temperature Measurement Point for ace and ace 2 Cameras