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Providing Heat Dissipation (boost)#

You must provide sufficient heat dissipation to keep the temperature of your Basler boost CXP-12 camera within the specified range.

General Guidelines#

Since each installation is unique, Basler only provides the following general guidelines:

  • Provide sufficient heat dissipation. Appropriate measures include the following:
    • Mount the camera on a substantial, thermally conductive component. The contact surface should be even. On uneven surfaces, attach a heat-conducting foil between camera and contact surface.
    • Attach appropriate cooling elements to the camera. Basler offers suitable heat sinks for boost V and other boost cameras that can be purchased individually or combined with other accessories in the Basler CXP-12 Evaluation Kit boost.
    • Provide an air flow over the camera.
  • Consider that mounting a large lens on the camera is an effective way of dissipating heat.
  • The camera provides the Device Temperature feature. This feature lets you monitor the temperature of the device via the pylon API.
  • If you want to check the camera temperature, you can measure it directly on the camera housing using the temperature measurement point.


Bear in mind that higher frame rates increase the power consumption, leading to a higher camera temperature.

Temperature Measurement Point#

boost V Cameras#

Housing Temperature Measurement Point for boost V Cameras

Other boost Cameras#

Housing Temperature Measurement Point for boost Cameras