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Using the blaze-101#

This topic gives a step-by-step overview over how to get started with the Basler blaze-101 camera. It will show you how to configure the camera, acquire images, and process the resulting image data.

The easiest way to work with the blaze-101 camera is via the blaze Viewer, which is installed as part of the pylon Supplementary Package for blaze. For information about how to use it, refer to the blaze Viewer Help.

Step-By-Step Instructions#

  1. Connect the camera to your computer.
    For information about installing the camera and the software, see Hardware Installation (blaze) and Software Installation (blaze). When Status and Ethernet LEDs are flashing green / solid green, the camera is ready to use.
  2. Start the blaze Viewer.
    Windows: Click Start > Basler > blaze Viewer.
    Linux: Issue the following command: /opt/pylon/bin/blazeViewer
    The camera appears in the camera selector drop-down box and image acquisition starts immediately.
    In the image window area, four windows open that show the different components.
    If the camera is not shown in the camera selector, this may be due to problems with the IP address.
  3. Configure the camera:

    1. Define the region of interest (ROI).
    2. Set the acquisition frame rate.
    3. Set the exposure time.
    4. Select the desired component(s).
    5. Select the desired pixel format(s).
    6. Select an operating mode.
    7. Enable fast mode if desired.
    8. Optimize the image quality settings if the resulting images are not satisfactory:

  4. Process the measurement results.

  5. Save the camera settings if desired.
    For more information about that, refer to the blaze Viewer Help.