VisualApplets Licensing

To run VisualApplets, you need to

  • install the software on your computer
  • use a dongle holding the VisualApplets license(s) you have purchased.

For VisualApplets licenses, you need to use a CodeMeter (Wibu Systems AG) as a dongle.

CodeMeter (Wibu Systems AG)

You can either use

  • a CodeMeter dongle you order together with your VisualApplets license, or
  • a CodeMeter dongle you already possess and also use for other licenses.

If you use a CodeMeter dongle already in your possession, or if you have purchased additional licenses for your VisualApplets installation, you have to add the appropriate license file to the CodeMeter dongle (see Adding/Updating Licenses).

You use always one license file for VisualApplets. If you purchase VisualApplets extensions, you will be provided with a new license file that contains the original VisualApplets license and the licenses for the extensions you purchased. How to flash your CodeMeter dongle with the new license file, see Adding/Updating Licenses.

Dongle License required


Without access to a dongle with the VisualApplets IDE Software License, your VisualApplets installation works in demo mode only.