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Basler USB Interface Card, 1HC, 5G, 4 Port#

Basler USB Interface Card, 1HC, 5G, 4 Port

Key Features#

  • USB Vision certified
  • Up to 5Gb/s per host controller, 5Gb/s in total
  • Contains one host controller and four ports
  • Backward compatible with USB 2.0
  • The USB card has voltage, current overload and short circuit protection

General Specifications#

USB Interface Card, 5G, 1HC, 4 Port
Order Number 2200002206
Number of Ports 4
Port USB Type-A
Additional Low-Profile Bracket No
PCIe Version and Lane 2.0 x1 (compatible with x4/x8/x16)
Conformity CE, UKCA, FCC, KC
Certificates for your USB Interface Card
For more information, see the Compliance section of the Basler website.
Output Voltage (per port) 5 V (±5 %)
Current Limit Range (per port) 2000 mA (±5 %)
USB Power Delivery Capacity (in total) Max. 30 W
Host Controller 1 x Renesas uPD720201

USB Interface Card Dimensions#

USB Interface Card, 1HC, 5G, 4 Port

Environmental Requirements#

The Basler USB Interface Cards are specified for indoor use only.

Housing Temperature During Operation 0–60 °C (32–140 °F)
Humidity During Operation 20–80 % relative humidity, non-condensing
Housing Temperature During Storage -20–70 °C (-4–158 °F)
Humidity During Storage 20–80 % relative humidity, non-condensing

Allow sufficient air circulation to keep the temperature during operation below 60 °C (140 °F). Additional cooling devices are not normally required, but should be provided if necessary.