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Basler provides a fully integrated embedded vision kit with a 13 MP dart E camera, based on the NVIDIA Jetson Nano SoM, for rapid prototyping of machine learning applications including AWS cloud connection.

The AI Vision Solution Kit enables developers to prototype IoT vision applications and facilitates the deployment and (re)-training process of ML models, saving time for users setting up an integrated embedded vision system.

The hardware of the daA4200-30mci-JNANO-NVDK-AIA embedded vision kit is identical to the daA4200-30mci-JNANO-NVDK kit.


Cloud-Based Machine Learning Applications#

Users have access to pre-trained ML models that are available in the cloud and can be deployed on the kit using container technology. Furthermore, users can make use of (re)-training functionalities.

Since the quality of the ML inference depends not only on the training but also on the processing unit and input data from the camera, Basler ensures that the pre-trained models are optimized for the target hardware of the kit.

Once the model is optimized, customers can download the compiled model and deploy it on the target hardware, the NVIDIA Jetson Nano. The ML model deployment process is based on AWS Sage Maker and Sage Maker Neo. While the inference is done on the edge device, resulting meta data is sent to the AWS cloud, using AWS IoT Core.

Kit Contents and Hardware Installation#

For information about the kit's hardware components and installation, see the daA4200-30mci-JNANO-NVDK embedded vision kit.

Developer Resources#

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For further software-specific documentation and online community support, visit the AI Vision Solution Kit project page on