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Basler Lens F-S35-7528-45M-S-SD#

Basler Standard F-mount lens with a fixed focal length of 75 mm, aperture range from F2.8–F22, and a resolution of 45 MP.

Basler Lens F-S35-7528-45M-S-SD

Key Features#

  • Fits all Basler cameras with F-mount, a sensor size of up to Super 35 and a pixel pitch of 3.2 µm
  • Metal housing
  • F-mount
  • Locking screws for iris and focus
  • High contrast


The technical data shown in the following sections are nominal design values. The real values of the delivered products can deviate from the nominal design values.

General Specifications#

Order Number 2200001072
Focal Length f' 75 mm ± 5 %
Aperture Range F2.8–F22
Image Circle 32 mm (Super 35 format)
Focus Range 0.34–1.55 m
Optimum Working Distance 0.78 m
Optimum Magnification 0.1
Relative Illumination at Full Aperture At least 69 %
Resolution Designed for 155 LP/mm (3.2 µm pixel size, see Resolution versus Image Height)
MTF in the Center at 155 LP/mm
(conditions: F2.8, polychromatic, 0.1x Magnification)
>43 % @ 155 LP/mm
MTF in the Corner at 155 LP/mm
(conditions: F2.8, polychromatic, 0.1x Magnification)
>25 % @ 155 LP/mm
Optical Distortion Typical -0.27 % (see Distortion versus Image Height)
Angle of View, Super 35 Format Horizontal: 15.9° (@ MOD)
Vertical: 10.8° (@ MOD)
Wavelength Range Visible (400–700 nm)
Pupil Magnification, ß'P 0.87
Chief Ray Angle, CRA 9.7°
Front Focal Length, sF -52.8 mm
Back Focal Length, s'F 20.64 mm
Principal Point Separation, HH' 2.72 mm
Entrance Pupil Position, sEP 55.89 mm
Exit Pupil Position, s'AP -44.7 mm
Overall Optical Length, d 101.77 mm

Mechanical Specifications#

Flange Back 46.5 mm +0/-0.2 mm
Mount F-mount
Weight Approx. 560 g
Focus/Iris Operation Manual
Operating angle: 90°/72°

Lens Dimensions#

Basler Lens F-S35-7528-45M-S-SD

Environmental Requirements#

Temperature During Operation -10–50 °C (14–122 °F)
(For best results, adjust the focus when a steady operating temperature has been reached.)
Humidity During Operation 10–90 % relative humidity, non-condensing
Temperature During Storage -20–60 °C (-4–140 °F)
Humidity During Storage <55 %

Performance Charts#

Relative Illumination versus Image Height#

Relative Illumination versus Image Height

Distortion versus Image Height#

Distortion versus Image Height



Resolution versus Image Height#

Conditions:f/2.8, polychromatic, 0.78 m working distance

Resolution versus Image Height