Technical Data for marathon VF2

Host Interface PCIe x 4 Gen 2 (Direct Memory Access)
Bandwidth (theor.) 2 GB/s
Bandwidth (typ./max.) Up to 1.8 GB/s sustainable data bandwidth
On-board memory 2GByte DDR3-RAM
On-board FPGA
processing capabilities
Acquisition Applets, Applets programmed with VisualApplets,
Smart Applets
Voltage, typ. current
(actual values depend
on processing)
12 V, 1 A

Max. slew rate of input voltage1


Dimensions PCIe standard height, half length card:
167.64 mm length x 111.15 mm height
Weight 200g
Camera interface 2 x Camera Link HS 1.1 F2 Standard (via 2 SFP+ Connectors)
Ambient temperature 50° (0 LFM*)
60° (100 LFM)
An adequate airflow in the PC is recommended.
FPGA operating temperature** 0°C to 85°C
Storage temperature -50°C up to +80°C
Relative humidity 5% - 90% non-condensing (operating), 0% - 95% (storage)
Conformity CE, RoHS

* LFM = Linear Feet per Minute, unit for measuring airflow velocity.

** Temperature being measured directly on the FPGA; the measured value can be read out in all applets available for marathon VF2 via applet parameter FG_SYSTEMMONITOR_FPGA_TEMPERATURE.

PCIe Bus Data Throughput


The PCIe bus data throughput depends on the motherboard, the chip set, and the BIOS configuration of the host PC. It can differ from slot to slot. It can also depend on the number of installed PCIe boards, e.g., a PCIe x8 connector may support only x4 performance.

Always check the mainboard manual thoroughly to be sure.