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Basler blaze GigE Cable: RJ45 Connector Pinout#

Assume you are using the Basler blaze camera and want to design your own GigE cable.

Basler offers two different GigE cables suitable for the blaze camera: 2 m and 10 m.

The related CAD files show the pin position on the host RJ45 connector:

Pin Position on RJ45 Connector

However, the wiring is not detailed. It should be as follows:

Pin Name Description
1 BI_DA+ Bi-directional pair A +
2 BI_DA- Bi-directional pair A -
3 BI_DB+ Bi-directional pair B +
4 BI_DC+ Bi-directional pair C +
5 BI_DC- Bi-directional pair C -
6 BI_DB- Bi-directional pair B -
7 BI_DD+ Bi-directional pair D +
8 BI_DD- Bi-directional pair D -

If the pairs C and D are not connected or punched properly, then the bandwidth falls back to 100 Mbps (100Base-T).

1000Base-T (corresponding to GigE bandwidth) requires all four pairs to be present.

The pinout provided in the blaze-101 camera documentation refers to the M12 8-pin ethernet connector on the camera side.

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