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Terminology (Basler Lenses)#

Terms for Basler Lenses

Designations According to DIN 1335#

O Object position
O' Image position
H Front principal plane
H' Back principal plane
F Front focal plane
F' Back focal plane
P Entrance pupil plane
P' Exit pupil plane
S Vertex of first lens surface
S' Vertex of last lens surface
f' (=H'F') Focal length
k (=f'/dEP) f-number (indicated as "f/k")
i (=HH') Principal point separation
sF (=SF) Front focal length
s'F (=S'F') Back focal length
sEP (=SP) Entrance pupil position
s'AP (=S'P') Exit pupil position
d (=SS') Overall optical length
dEP Entrance pupil diameter
dAP Exit pupil diameter
ß'P (=dAP/dEP) Pupil magnification

Other Designations#

CRA Chief ray angle
FB Flange back
Inf. Infinity
MBL Mechanical back length
MOD Minimum object distance
MSD Maximum screw-in depth
MTF Modulation transfer function
WD Working distance