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USB 3 Interface Cards#

USB interface cards allow you to connect any Basler USB camera to your computer.

The interface cards are tested for seamless operation with Basler USB cameras and the Basler pylon Software Suite resulting in enhanced performance and stability.

USB 3 Interface Card

General Specifications#

Operating System Windows 10/11
Linux stable kernel versions used in Ubuntu 23.10 LTS

The following table includes the names of the available Basler USB interface cards, the required unoccupied PCIe slots on the computer's motherboard, and the total bandwidth of all ports together.

Model PCIe Slot
Total Bandwidth
(All Ports)
1HC, 5G, 2 Port ≥2.0x1 5G
1HC, 10G, 2 Port ≥2.0x1 10G
1HC, 5G, 4 Port ≥2.0x1 5G
4HC, 5G, 4 Port ≥2.0x4 20G
4HC, 5G, 8 Port ≥2.0x4 20G


Basler offers high-quality cables and plugs that are specifically designed for connecting Basler interface cards and cameras. To ensure the functionality of your camera, Basler recommends to always use cables of the Basler portfolio for your USB cameras.


In the Basler USB Interface Card, 4HC, 5G, 8 Port two cables of type Basler Cable USB 3, Micro B sl/A, P, 8 m don't fit into adjacent ports since the cable insulation is too thick for the space available per port slot. Use another Basler USB cable instead, e.g., the Basler Cable USB 3.0, Micro B sl/A, P, 5 m or the Basler Cable USB 3.0, Micro B sl/A, P, 3 m.

Basler USB 3 Interface Cards#

Third-Party USB 3 Interface Cards#

For documentation of third-party USB 3 interface cards, click the corresponding link below.