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VisualApplets® is a graphical development environment for programming frame grabbers and other image-processing hardware platforms.

Using VisualApplets, you program the central processing element of the platform, the FPGA.

Comprehensive libraries support you with more than 200 operators. Drag-and-drop editing allows you to create your design in form of a data flow model, thus minimizing the time effort for designing new solutions. The integrated high-level simulation gives you full control over the final visual result of a design.

Via the build function, you generate the actual bitstream that can be loaded onto the FPGA as well as SDK sample code you can integrate into your applications.

VisualApplets allows you to develop real-time image processing applications.

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VisualApplets Program Window

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Embedded VisualApplets (eVA)#

VisualApplets can be used to program machine vision applications for FPGAs on cameras and other hardware devices with imaging sensors.

To make a device programmable by VisualApplets, a VisualApplets IP core needs to be integrated into the top-level FPGA design of the device.

After integration, this IP core can be programmed and re-programmed with VisualApplets.

The embedded VisualApplets framework provides you with all necessary tooling.

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