Error Reporting

Even the best developed and tested software might – at times – run into some errors. If you want to help Basler in improving VisualApplets, please report any misbehavior to our support team and describe the situation.

Additional data like the VisualApplets design file (*.va), a description of the system environment like operating system and PC hardware, or your specific VisualApplets system settings is helpful for us when correcting the erroneous misbehavior.

In case of system crashes, a trace file will be generated. This file allows us at Basler to restore the exact situation that led to the crash. This trace file is stored inside a zip-archive which you will find in the installation directory of VisualApplets: <INSTDIR>\bin\bugs\bug*.zip. Please decide if you want to send this supplementary information to Basler or not. Please note that the trace file contains only information that has been entered into VisualApplets. It does not contain any information regarding the computer system VisualApplets was running on.