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Changes and Fixed Issues in VisualApplets 3.3.2#


Library Base#

Operator SampleDn#

  • Prior to fixing this issue, the SampleDn operator didn't work properly for 2-bit signed inputs. This has been fixed. (Ticket ID: 215638)
  • Prior to fixing this issue, the operator SampleDn sometimes inserted an EOL (end of line) at the beginning of an image, which then led to shifting of the image content. This has been fixed. (Ticket ID: 235838)

Library Color#

Operator ColorTransform#

  • The handling of value ranges for operator ColorTransform has been fixed so that now invalid values are correctly reported. The documentation has been updated to reflect the limitation that negative transformation coefficients can only be used when the input format is signed or the coefficient parameter is static. (Ticket ID: 251344)

Library Debugging#

Operator ImageFlowControl#

  • The parameterization interface in the operator ImageFlowControl has been fixed. Before, the parallelism was not taken into account and setting the parameters DummyFrameWidth and DummyFrameHeight had no effect when image acquisition was stopped. This has been fixed. (Ticket ID 209391)
  • Prior to fixing this issue, when setting the parameter CounterWidth to value 32 bits in the operator ImageFlowControl, a build error occurred. This has been fixed. (Ticket ID: 217556)
  • The synchronization rules for the optional output port StatusO of the operator ImageFlowControl have been fixed. Before, the operator was declared as infinite source. Now, the port is O-synchronous with port O. The documentation of the operator has been adapted accordingly. (Ticket ID: 217557)
  • The delayed output of the frame end in the operator ImageFlowControl has been fixed. Before, the frame end was not emitted before the next input frame arrived. Now, the operator performs like the operator ImageFifo when no overflow situation occurs. (Ticket ID: 247826)

Library Filter#

Operator LineNeighboursNx1#

  • The operator LineNeighboursNx1 has been changed. Now, at the output link the value for kernel columns can't be changed accidentally anymore. (Ticket ID: 249802)

Library Parameters#

Operator LinkParamTranslator#

  • Prior to fixing this issue, the operator LinkParamTranslator could get into an invalid state when connecting a link with invalid configuration. This has been fixed. (Ticket ID: 239837)
  • Prior to fixing this issue, the operator LinkParamTranslator did not report errors correctly. For parameter errors an appropriate string was shown in the parameter Status but the operator did not go into an error state. This has been fixed. (Ticket ID: 239974)

Library Synchronization#

Operator CutImage#

  • In the operator CutImage the handling of the format at output port O has been changed. The format now follows the format of input I, including the setting for max. image height. If you need to set the maximum dimension to a different format i.e. when it is assured that images of smaller size will be emitted, then use the operator SetDimension after CutImage. (Ticket ID: 242688)


  • The reaction time for canceling the simulation has been improved. In particular, this may drastically reduce the time for aborting a simulation when very large images are processed and simulation shall be stopped because of excessive duration of the simulation or when memory usage gets critically high. (Ticket ID: 234920)
  • Prior to fixing this issue, VisualApplets crashed when you used images larger than 2 GB in a simulation. Now, an error message appears when you run the simulation with an image larger than 2 GByte. (Ticket ID: 240989)

SDK Examples#

  • SDK examples generated with VisualApplets for CXP and Gigabit Ethernet frame grabbers now don't generate code for camera initialization any more when no camera operator is present. This enables executing the generated SDK code when no camera is connected to the frame grabber. (Ticket ID: 239222)
  • Prior to fixing this issue, redundant parameter access code was written into the generated SDK examples when parameters were transferred from other parameters via modules of the library Parameters. This led to redundant access of module parameters. This has been fixed. Now, when parameters are connected via operators of the library Parameters, only the code for the front-end access is written. (Ticket ID: 239454)
  • Prior to fixing this issue, generated SDK examples always calculated the DMA buffer size in int. This led to buffer overflows for large images. This has been fixed. Now, the DMA buffer size is calculated with size_t. (Ticket ID: 248563)

Tcl Scripting#

  • The Tcl command SetModuleParam has been fixed. Before, no propagation of parameter updates to the output link was performed when a field parameter was set. In earlier versions of VisualApplets in some cases this could result in an inconsistent parameterization of the design. This has been fixed. (Ticket ID: 236891)


  • Prior to fixing this issue, when you selected a not linked operator for moving it to a hierarchical box with Move to Hierarchical Box and then canceled the Enter Inputs / Outputs dialog, the selected operator was lost. This has been fixed. (Ticket ID: 217555)
  • Prior to fixing this issue, when opening the context menu of an operator in the Diagram Window, an additional mouse click could cause that the operator moved in an unintended way in the Diagram Window. This has been fixed. (Ticket ID: 218063)
  • Prior to fixing this issue, unused GPO pins in VisualApplets designs for mE5 marathon platforms resulted in undefined output signal level of trigger output pins. This has been fixed. Due to this fix, the firmware versions increased. (Ticket ID: 221922)
  • The precision for float field parameters has been increased when exporting a VisualApplets design as a script. Before, numbers were saved in a precision as displayed in the module properties dialog. This led to problems when the design was re-imported, because it was not identical to the original design. (Ticket ID: 236969)
  • Prior to fixing this issue, VisualApplets sometimes crashed when a module was deleted that was referenced in a LinkParamTranslator module. This has been fixed. (Ticket ID: 240977)