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Firmware Versions and Runtime Requirements VisualApplets 3.3.0#

To use applets designed with VisualApplets 3.3.0, the minimum runtime version or higher (as specified below) must be installed on the target system.

To use the latest VisualApplets features, make sure the latest runtime version is installed on the target system.

For information since when a specific feature is supported, check the Release Notes for previous VisualApplets versions and the Release Notes for Framegrabber SDK.

microEnable 5 and LightBridge: In microEnable 5 and LightBridge applets, VisualApplets 3.3.0 incorporates the following firmware versions:

  • microEnable 5 marathon VCLx: 1.3 (minimum runtime: 5.6)
  • LightBridge 2 VCL: 1.10 (minimum runtime: 5.5.1)
  • microEnable 5 marathon VCX-QP: 1.6 (minimum runtime: 5.5)
  • microEnable 5 marathon VF2: 2.7 (minimum runtime: 5.4.2)
  • microEnable 5 marathon VCL: 1.10 (minimum runtime: 5.4.1)
  • microEnable 5 ironman VQ8-CXP6D: 2.11 (minimum runtime: 5.4.0)
  • microEnable 5 ironman VD8-PoCL: 1.6 (minimum runtime: 5.4.0)

microEnable IV: Designs developed with VisualApplets 3.3.0 should be used on mE IV frame grabbers together with the following firmware versions (or higher):

  • microEnable IV VD1-CL: 1.4d (hex) (minimum runtime: 5.2.1)
  • microEnable IV VD4-CL: 1.35 (hex) (minimum runtime: 5.4.1)
  • microEnable IV VD4-PoCL: 1.35 (hex) (minimum runtime: 5.4.1)
  • microEnable IV VQ4-GE: 1.8b (hex) (minimum runtime: 5.4.1a)
  • microEnable IV VQ4-GPoE: 1.8b (hex) (minimum runtime: 5.4.1a)

  1. When the applet contains triggers for action commands via firmware, runtime version 5.4.3 or higher is required.