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Overview of Tcl Scripting#

What are the benefits of describing VisualApplets commands in Tcl, rather than using the graphical user interface?

Tcl provides the power of a programming language while being easy-to-learn. Using it can be as simple as calling commands in a shell. At the same time advanced programming techniques can be used to set up sophisticated processing schemes.

To combine VisualApplets with the power of a scripting language allows for an enormous increase of productivity.

You can:

  • automatize the creation of designs: Use scripts to assemble components of your design controlled by parameters. Set up libraries of processing pipelines and create bunches of different designs automatically.
  • automatize the simulation of designs: Tcl allows you to define very extensive simulation runs: You can, for example, specify series of simulation runs over thousands of images stored somewhere in your file system. Or, you can define various simulation runs where different sets of design parameters are used for simulation.


To use the Tcl scripting feature of VisualApplets, you need to purchase and install the VisualApplets extension VisualApplets Expert.