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New Features in VisualApplets 3.3.2#


With VisualApplets 3.3.2 you get the full power of VisualApplets for your FPGA graphical programming within one single license.

The new single IDE license now incorporates all advanced extensions that had to be purchased with an additional license in previous VisualApplets versions, e.g., the Debugging library, the Custom library, the Parameters library, TLC Console, JPEG compression and Segmentation/Classification libraries.

Customers, who now decide to acquire the new VisualApplets IDE license will also benefit from new features and improvements coming with the next major versions of VisualApplets. (Ticket ID: 246623)


When modules from library Parameters define a parameter description, this description can now be viewed in the status line of the Module Properties dialog plus as a parameter tool tip for the parameter to which the description is mapped. When the parameter is mirrored as an hierarchical box parameter (i.e. when DisplayName is defined), the description is also present there.


The OperatorExamples have been extended and are now completely documented in the Tutorial and Examples. The examples don't show detailed image computation examples, instead they are designed to give a good idea on how the operator works. (Ticket ID: 253293)