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Basler Camera Lights#

Basler's camera light portfolio from the Premium product line includes bar lights, ring lights, backlights, and floodlights of various sizes and with different LED colors.

Basler Camera Lights are equipped with an integrated controller which allows access to the Light Control feature via the pylon Camera Software Suite. This enables direct communication between the light and a Basler camera (ace U or ace L) without an external controller. You can operate the light in continuous, strobe, or overdrive mode.

Basler Camera Lights have been designed specifically for Basler cameras and are manufactured by CCS. For any inquiries regarding Basler Camera Lights, refer to the contact details of CCS.

The lights are available with LEDs in three different colors: red, white, and blue. An "R", "W", or "B" at the end of the product name indicates the LED color. For example, the Basler Camera Light Bar BCL100x15R has red LEDs.

Basler Camera Light

To find the right camera light for your application, visit the Basler website.

Light Types#