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Installation (Basler Camera Lights)#

This topic tells you how to install a Basler Camera Light.

Hardware Installation#

WARNING – Electric Shock Hazard

Connecting the Basler Camera Light with the power supply turned on may result in electric shock, a fire, or breakdown of the light.

  • You must make sure that the power source is turned off before connecting the Basler Camera Light.

To install a Basler Camera Light:

  1. Insert the connector of the camera cable (sold separately, BCL-CBL series) into the camera.
    For more information about the camera cable, refer to the BCL-CBL operation guide.
  2. Connect the wires of the open end of the camera cable to the terminal block connector (included with the camera cable).
    For details, see Terminal Block Connector (see note below).
  3. Connect the wires of the open end of the power cable to pins 4 and 5 of the terminal block connector.
  4. Connect the terminal block connector to the controller of the Basler Camera Light.
  5. Optional: If you want to use more than one Basler Camera Light (up to four are possible) with one camera, the communication line and GND of the camera (pins 2 and 3 of the terminal block connector) must be connected to every Camera Light by using an additional clamp. You can use a star or bus/line configuration.


If you supply power to the camera via USB or PoE, do not connect the wire to the pin 1 of the terminal block connector.

Terminal Block Connector

Terminal Block Connector#

Pin Number Description
1 Power output to camera (24 VDC, fused, internally connected to pin 4)
2 GND (power output to camera (pin 1) and GPIO (pin 3))
3 GPIO (bi-directional communication pin to user's system for inputting light triggers)
4 24 VDC input ±10%
5 GND (DC input)
6 Reserved, do not connect


To operate the Basler Camera Light, use the Basler pylon Software Suite, which you can download free of charge from the Basler website.

The software suite includes necessary drivers and useful tools for operating the Basler Camera Lights as well as Basler cameras. It also provides the pylon SDK (software development kit) that includes various APIs (application programming interfaces).

Next Steps#

To operate the Basler Camera Light:

  1. Connect the camera and Basler Camera Light and then turn on the power supply.
  2. Use the pylon Viewer to configure the Basler Camera Light.

The status LED is solid green when the Basler Camera Light is operating normally. Flashing indicates an error condition.

To configure the Basler Camera Light:

  1. Start the pylon Viewer.
  2. In the Basler Light Control category, set the Light Control Mode parameter to true.
  3. Click the Light Control Enumerate Devices button.
  4. In the Light Device Selector drop-down list, select the Basler Camera Light that you want to work with.
  5. Adjust the brightness of the Basler Camera Light using the Light Device Brightness parameter.
  6. In the Light Device Operation Mode drop-down list, select the desired mode.


    If you have selected the strobe mode, overdrive will be enabled automatically depending on the exposure time and frame rate settings on the camera.