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Mounting Instructions (Basler Camera Lights)#

This topic provides information about how to mount Basler Camera Lights in your system.

All Basler Camera Lights are equipped with various mounting holes. This gives you maximum flexibility to position the lights according to your requirements.

Mounting the Lights#

All Basler Camera Lights are equipped with mounting holes for mounting the lights into your system.

Bar Lights#

The mounting holes of Basler Camera Bar Lights are at the back and on the side of the light. Depending on the size of the light, the following mounting holes are available at the back of the light:

There are M3 x 5 mounting holes on each side. The 2 x M2 x 6 mounting holes at the front of the light provide space to mount additional accessories.

Basler also offers special brackets (order number: 2200000693) for adjusting the lights angle.

The following image shows the Bar Light BCL-100X15x:

Bar Light Mounting Holes

Ring Lights#

All Basler Camera Ring Lights are equipped with 4 x M3 mounting holes at the back of the ring light.

Ring Light Mounting Holes


All Basler Camera Backlights are equipped with 4 mounting holes next to the emitting area of the backlight.

Backlight Mounting Holes


All Basler Camera Floodlights are equipped with an M6 DIN rail at the back of the floodlight.

Floodlight Mounting Holes

Mounting the Controller#

The controllers of all Basler Camera Lights have an M2 DIN rail on each side for installing the controller.

Controller Basler Camera Lights